BEWARE OF Mel nasirpour or GOLDFINGERS San Diego

BEWARE of the manager MEL Nasirpour at gold fingers San Diego ! I would leave if you work there and if your thinking about working there DONT. This man is abusive!!! He takes the dancers tips won’t allow dancers to work at any other club in San Diego and if you even go look at another club and he finds out you will be fired… but he won’t tell you your fired he will let u come in every night and say ooo come back tomorrow to many girls tonight (obviously not) until you get the point and waste your time and money to get there. He is a total creep super rude and rips the girls off , and is a complete predator I have heard of him let girls get to wasted and taking advantage of them beware baby dancers . Only hires girls with 0 dancing experience so he can take their tips and take advantage of them. Be careful ladies !!! And if you work there now and feel you are being taken advantage of get the dancers resource so you can see the splits and tip outs of other clubs. Stay away and stay safe ladies


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