claims to work at Little Darlings SF

This dude hit me up back in December of 2019 claiming that he works at Little Darlings in San Francisco asking if I wanted to audition. It’s slow season so I figured they was just trying to get some new girls in there for some profits. I asked what the house fee is, and he goes on to say he can’t answer that and it needs to be discussed with management. RED FLAG! My first thought is some shady ass shit go down in there. I ignored it and that was that.

Fast forward to March 10th of this year.

He DMs me OUT OF NO WHERE, saying he wants me to be like a live in wife to him. I respond “I’m married” hoping this deters him. He says “I couldn’t imagine you any other way”


Left on read again.

Today March 17th he DMs me YET A-FUCKING-GAIN saying “Hey, would you like to hear about my plan for the goat herding based commune here in California?”

What in the fucking fuck!?!?

Can someone confirm his employment and if so he has no damn business working around women. He’s not safe.


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LA Tattoo artist- threatens and steals

Found an la tattoo artist that stole my photo along with multiple other stripper/pole dancers… (according to him) he makes between 300-1K off of “his prints/tattoos” of the women whose likeness he steals and he doesn’t think SW is work, we’re ‘at best just performers’ but we’re not artists. When I and another stripper friend of mine confronted him about giving credit to the original person he traced, he threatened to start drawing us being raped and cut up into pieces. I think he uses 4different IG handles so he can fuck with people and then claim he didn’t do anything. And he tattoos his customers in a full face and body mask so you can’t see him. He posted photos of me with my head exploded and photos of guns and threats. And after some backlash started to also claim he was a woman 🤦🏻‍♀️ As if that makes threats and refusing to credit people ok. According to him he visits strip clubs often so just be careful babes. If you wanna see more of his messages to people (that he’s now claiming were sent by someone who hacked his acct and made them up lol) you can find more in the highlight on my ig page called COPY CAT.

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CHEETAH’S IN SUNNYVALE: shady practices.

So I worked at the Cheetah’s in Sunnyvale for about 9 years. Recently, they had to switch the girls over from independent contractors to employees. They gave us a big speech about how we’re a family and blah blah blah on the night they made the announcement – then handed out applications. Fast forward to now: me and several other women who worked there for almost a decade each have been let go without even being TOLD we weren’t being hired. One of the girls decided to take it upon herself to contact the manager directly and ask what was happening with her application and she was told the schedule was full but our applications would be “kept on file” in case any room opened up. Well I just learned from a friend who did get hired that they keep hiring new girls, and have no plans to take any of us back despite the many years of work we gave them. We also found out that the new owner (an old CUSTOMER, yes you read that right, who actually SLEPT with a girl who used to work there years ago before he bought into the club) SPECIFICALLY TOLD THE MANAGER NOT TO GET BACK TO ANY OF US about not being hired. We lost jobs we had relied on for years and he didn’t even have the decency to let us know.

Work somewhere else, Cheetah’s in Sunnyvale will not have your back. The owner only cares about the girls he wants to put his dick inside and the manager won’t stand up to him. The bouncers are their saving grace, and even they hate the owner.


Many clubs have recently removed our right to CHOOSE our employment status and have FORCED us to become employees. This has been horrible for many families who depend on us! Please read about our movement to restore pro-worker CHOICE at We deserve a say and a choice! We should not be FORCED to become employees!


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BEWARE OF Mel nasirpour or GOLDFINGERS San Diego

BEWARE of the manager MEL Nasirpour at gold fingers San Diego ! I would leave if you work there and if your thinking about working there DONT. This man is abusive!!! He takes the dancers tips won’t allow dancers to work at any other club in San Diego and if you even go look at another club and he finds out you will be fired… but he won’t tell you your fired he will let u come in every night and say ooo come back tomorrow to many girls tonight (obviously not) until you get the point and waste your time and money to get there. He is a total creep super rude and rips the girls off , and is a complete predator I have heard of him let girls get to wasted and taking advantage of them beware baby dancers . Only hires girls with 0 dancing experience so he can take their tips and take advantage of them. Be careful ladies !!! And if you work there now and feel you are being taken advantage of get the dancers resource so you can see the splits and tip outs of other clubs. Stay away and stay safe ladies


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