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Okay i worked at this camming studio for over a year. The conditions were disgusting there was black mold growing on the ceilings in every room and bugs everywhere plus the ceiling leaked. The owners and managers were blatantly racist and would never call a girl back for a interview if she sounded black on the phone bc “black girls make less”. My manager Destiny would get pregnant over and over bc she made more money camming when she did pregnant smoking shows. She gave most of them up for adoption its sickening. The contract they made girls sign to work their was very illegal but they would hold it against us knowing we couldnt afford a lawyer. They wouldnt allow vacation during the holidays either it was just the worst place to work ever. If yr looking for a studio please don’t consider going there its a trap.


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Beware Richard Kent

Scary scary stuff.
Richard Kent who works in southern Florida is a photographer. Especially within the feature and pageant scene. He publishes wth xcitement magazine.

He comes off so kind and nice but when I was 18 he became obsessed with me.

As a young dancer I thought “cool he’s trying to help me” so he’s let me come stay at his house so I could travel and dance as a newcomer.

But then. I started making friends in Florida. He became very obsessed and wouldn’t let me go hang out with them or spend any time with them alone. (I was 18 and he was a 60+ man. What we have in common who knows.

He started to pick my work schedule for me. Started to wake me up in the mornings to hang out. When I’d go home he’d want to call me any time and spend an hour or plus on the phone with me just breathing on the phone.

By the time I was 21 he got me into a bad agreement.

He put my name under a credit card without me signing anything. He told me to get my breast implants and I could pay him back.

Me being so young I was ecstatic. Of course I said yes and agreed.
Well boy was that a big mistake. As soon as I did that he tried making me feel obligated to go to Florida again. He started to call himself my sons daddy. He started to comment on my vagina saying it was beautiful and if I was spread out on a bed he’d fuck me.

He tried to force me to continue to do pageants and photos. I finally got fed up and blocked him on everything.

I still paid monthly but he cut it off. So that I’d have to talk to him to figure it out.

By this time I got the jist and I stopped paying because his manipulation was draining.

NOWW. I like in Illinois. He travels thousands of miles to come to my club and get lapdances with me but bring up payments.

He sends me letters to my home threatening to sue me and showing me screen shots of our texts.

He’s been driving past my house EVEN THOUGH HE LIVES IN FLORIDA.

It’s been a dreadful and terrifying situation.

I remember at one point I told him I don’t like giving hugs and he said “well all the other girls I help out and put in my magazine (literally a free magazine) all give me attention and sit on my lap.

At that rate I felt like it wasn’t professional and he was trying to be my sugar daddy.

I’m still dealing with his constant harassment but I know my rights now and have enough proof that he’s a crazy!


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Watch out!

This girl goes by Simone Thomas and has a guy that is based out of FL but lives in NC (so I’m putting FL for this one). She says that the guy has opened a group up on Facebook for sex workers and if you want in, you have to basically meet up with this guy for sex in exchange for money and entry. Once you meet up for the first time, you’ll enhange dates of another meet up but when the day comes for the meetup to happen, the guy flakes out. The group supposedly has guys paying $50 a week, and you can ask for up to $120K of entry money. He has girls recruit others girls and customers for money. The guy won’t show his face or give you his name. The guy wants photos of you as well. The guy also apparently has a condo in Orlando and has a private jet..
This guy also doesn’t want to be seen out because he has a lot of customers and girls in Florida..so, he’s very “sneaky” on where he goes and who he wants to see him.

Just warning y’all that I fell into this trap and I don’t want anyone else to fall for it either!
I’ll post the girl whom is the recruiter, as well as the two fake pages that the guy is “recruiting on.”

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