My name I London Bridges I am a retired stripper now burlesque dancer living in ATL. I am currently being harassed by this man JOLANNI KASI he is a predator and has assaulted many women once hired them. And if you pick up on his toxic vibes and cancel your meetings with him he will create a fake account of you calling you a prostitute and will add everyone in your following list. This man has been stalking me for a year and my fellow colleague for about 4 years now! He has made multiple ig accounts in attempt to book us, commented on about 100 of my pictures just to get my attention. He’s gone through people that follow me to get them to book me for him luckily I’m a woman with a strong intuition I’ve never went to any of the meetings. This man is completely obsessed with me and my colleague. I exposed him on my IG and that’s when 20+ women responded to me thanking me for exposing this man because of the disgusting things they personally experienced working with him. He had a Spa shut down due to harassing his female employees yet he still walks the streets free. Of course he’s watching me, so the day I exposed him he immediately made a fake PRIVATE page with my picture stating that I’m a prostitute and a scammer and that everyone must beware of me and proceeded to add all of my followers. He liked one of my pictures from the page just to show me that he in fact is watching me. I do live performances around Atlanta and I have a feeling he’ll show up to one of them I need security for every booking I do. This man is disgusting and every woman in the entertainment and hospitality industry needs to know about him!
****Any woman who has had any problems with him contact me directly DM me on IG LondonLevelUp****

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