Discrimination during Audition

I have just left the Deja Vu in Ypsilanti for the second time and again have just had another negative experience. The first time I went there I went for the amateur night and they didn’t have a show because there wasn’t enough girls, and for the following month they never seemed to have enough girls to have an amateur night. So, I call ahead and asked if they were holding auditions and was told that I can come anytime before 7 and audition on any day. They even told me that if I came by 7 today, and did well they would allow me to work tonight. When I got there no one asked me my name and I had to wait with all my things, and never even asked if I would like a seat or anyting for 7 minutes before anyone even talked to me. I was then told that they only want day shift girls right now and I was told that before I was even told to change and still no one had even asked me my name. Anc then I was told to go change and then go up and audition. No one called me up and no management was there when I did my audition. No one even asked me what my name was or took my ID or gave me any paperwork. They were very rude to me, and when I got off stage and went to go find them, I was told that I can’t stay tonight but I can come Friday during the day. And again the manager has still not asked me my name or taken any information. I have been doing pole fitness for 4 plus years and have even competed in pole fitness competitions and I just won a gold medal in my division this last weekend. The fact that they never even looked at me or asked me my name or took any information was the rudest thing anyone could have ever done. Luckily, the girls were there were nice but that only goes for the dancers and the wait staff. Management, specifically the manager Zach was very rude and unprofessional and I will make sure I let any other dancers I know, know about this experience I had at this establishment.


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Dancers beware of Cheetahs of Windsor. The managers knew a dancer had come into work carrying weapons (a gun and a taser) with the intent to harm other dancers and did absolutely nothing. The dancer showed the manager And security working that day her weapons and Their response was “oh well shit happens”. They actually fired the girls complaining about the unsafe working conditions and kept the girl who brought in the weapons. This is also not the first incident involving guns at the club. Working there I’ve seen multiple guns and other weapons from the customers bringing them in and lack of security and care for the well being of the dancers. The security does absolutely nothing and continuely just stands around while girls are fighting, girls getting assaulted by customers, customers fighting and customers ripping girls off and refusing to pay. The whole place is terribley run, the staff does nothing, it’s like a joke to the staff of who can work the least amount. Waitress don’t serve u drinks. Managers owners and djs sexually harass the dancers and/or bully them and threaten them. If you hurt yourself or something happens no one will help and in cases of emergencies they will not call the police or ambulance. The whole places smells like shit, it’s unclean and they won’t clean the vip up even if a customer pukes everywhere. There’s cockroaches and bed bugs.Overall staff and management is a 0/10 and this place is trash and should be shut down.


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