Dancers beware of Cheetahs of Windsor. The managers knew a dancer had come into work carrying weapons (a gun and a taser) with the intent to harm other dancers and did absolutely nothing. The dancer showed the manager And security working that day her weapons and Their response was “oh well shit happens”. They actually fired the girls complaining about the unsafe working conditions and kept the girl who brought in the weapons. This is also not the first incident involving guns at the club. Working there I’ve seen multiple guns and other weapons from the customers bringing them in and lack of security and care for the well being of the dancers. The security does absolutely nothing and continuely just stands around while girls are fighting, girls getting assaulted by customers, customers fighting and customers ripping girls off and refusing to pay. The whole place is terribley run, the staff does nothing, it’s like a joke to the staff of who can work the least amount. Waitress don’t serve u drinks. Managers owners and djs sexually harass the dancers and/or bully them and threaten them. If you hurt yourself or something happens no one will help and in cases of emergencies they will not call the police or ambulance. The whole places smells like shit, it’s unclean and they won’t clean the vip up even if a customer pukes everywhere. There’s cockroaches and bed bugs.Overall staff and management is a 0/10 and this place is trash and should be shut down.


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