Eugene-Silver Dollar

Only writing this because the past review I saw couldn’t be less accurate. It’s well known by any local this is the top place in town. Hard work and teamwork are what will get you places here. The owner is by far not an asshole by far the easiest person I’ve ever worked with. You will be rewarded with him if you work hard, respect other staff, and as he answers it is a 100% drama free club. Floor work is more common than pole work and this club is where the money is in Eugene. I may be a baby stripper but as a former hooters girl i can tell you the emphasis on teamwork and dancers supporting other dancers is by far the best experience of any clubs I’ve worked in so far.


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Silver Dollar Club – Eugene, OR

Avoid the Silver Dollar Club. The bouncers don’t do their jobs, yet expect high tip out to do the bare minimum. The club itself is filthy (cockroaches) and falling apart. “Renovations” are purely cosmetic include; Spray painting without proper ventilation while dancers and staff are working. Putting duct tape over hazardous cracks in the stage. And dancers are expected to use a third stage without a pole that is literally a hot-tub with the cover on top. The manager Mike is an abusive asshole, who treats the dancers with zero respect and expects his unorthodox rules to be strictly followed. I was told I could not continue working there unless I bought a wig because he “doesn’t like bald girls”, despite the fact I am an independent contractor. The cheap regulars are coddled by management and respected more than the dancers who work there. Do yourself a favor, save your sanity, don’t bother auditioning here.


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