Club Stillettos/Clarksville, Tennessee

The owners at this club are constantly taking advantage of the girls. They’re always taking their money. I’ve discovered that these girls DO NOT get paid hourly, despite being assigned a schedule and having to pay house fee. If one of the girls have to miss work for any reason, they must pay $40 and if the owner doesn’t favor a girl, she makes them pay $50 and raises their house fee. Many people don’t realize that this is actually illegal in the state of Tennessee. If a girl gets caught drinking (even if they are of age) they are charged $100! For every 5 minutes they’re late, they are charged $10. For every 5 minutes they are late out of the dressing room they are charged $10. I’ve also been told that the owner, Lisa, doesn’t allow the white girls to communicate with the black girls. Stating that she doesn’t want the white women to “be like them.” The club is falling apart and they have yet to do anything about it. For the past year I’ve attended Stilettos Gentleman’s Club, and I haven’t seen them clean the stage once. They don’t clean tables and chairs. These girls don’t have a voice in this shithole. I hope someone can do something about this.

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