The Bear’s Den Magna Utah – chauvinist and misogyny managment

The Bear’s Den Magna Utah – managment consists of a junkie and ex dancer who never made anything of herself. They are jealous of dancers thinking they are better for not taking their clothes off, which results in them spreading rumors and even disclosing dancer’s personal information to customers for the sake of gossip. Managers have gotten over drunk and danced on table tops for customer’s attention
Because they are extremely resentful towards real dancers.
Along with the management the clientele are very old school mentality, meaning they are racist and do not believe in women’s rights (let alone SWers). No black women last more than a month and are always accused of prostitution and propositioning men. Often management will ghost women of color during scheduling and then fire them for not “being a team player”. Dancers have also been fired for refusing to give customers physical affection on the floor and for standing up for themselves when customers have tried to mistreat them.
A regular day at this dive bar is multiple men watching a dancer without tipping because management would rather have a $3 beer sale than treat the dancers with respect. Managment also allows local biker gangs to loiter and close the public off from entering the bar and use it as their clubhouse.

Every club in Utah says The Bear’s Den is where strippers go to die!

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