CHEETAH’S IN SUNNYVALE: shady practices.

So I worked at the Cheetah’s in Sunnyvale for about 9 years. Recently, they had to switch the girls over from independent contractors to employees. They gave us a big speech about how we’re a family and blah blah blah on the night they made the announcement – then handed out applications. Fast forward to now: me and several other women who worked there for almost a decade each have been let go without even being TOLD we weren’t being hired. One of the girls decided to take it upon herself to contact the manager directly and ask what was happening with her application and she was told the schedule was full but our applications would be “kept on file” in case any room opened up. Well I just learned from a friend who did get hired that they keep hiring new girls, and have no plans to take any of us back despite the many years of work we gave them. We also found out that the new owner (an old CUSTOMER, yes you read that right, who actually SLEPT with a girl who used to work there years ago before he bought into the club) SPECIFICALLY TOLD THE MANAGER NOT TO GET BACK TO ANY OF US about not being hired. We lost jobs we had relied on for years and he didn’t even have the decency to let us know.

Work somewhere else, Cheetah’s in Sunnyvale will not have your back. The owner only cares about the girls he wants to put his dick inside and the manager won’t stand up to him. The bouncers are their saving grace, and even they hate the owner.

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