claims to work at Little Darlings SF

This dude hit me up back in December of 2019 claiming that he works at Little Darlings in San Francisco asking if I wanted to audition. It’s slow season so I figured they was just trying to get some new girls in there for some profits. I asked what the house fee is, and he goes on to say he can’t answer that and it needs to be discussed with management. RED FLAG! My first thought is some shady ass shit go down in there. I ignored it and that was that.

Fast forward to March 10th of this year.

He DMs me OUT OF NO WHERE, saying he wants me to be like a live in wife to him. I respond “I’m married” hoping this deters him. He says “I couldn’t imagine you any other way”


Left on read again.

Today March 17th he DMs me YET A-FUCKING-GAIN saying “Hey, would you like to hear about my plan for the goat herding based commune here in California?”

What in the fucking fuck!?!?

Can someone confirm his employment and if so he has no damn business working around women. He’s not safe.


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