Dee Johnson

He goes by Dee short for Darius but his government name is SirDarius Kentrell Johnson. He is knowingly infecting with HSV. He will lie to you and tell you he does not have an STD but hes does or if you dont ask him he will not disclose. He is aware that he has HSV he has known since 2019 possibly further back.

I’m so sorry beautiful but if you have slept with him anytime from January 2019(possibly further back) to now you most like have HSV. He is legally suppose to disclose to his partners if he wears protection or not and he doesn’t. When you confront him about it he pretends to not have known. Also to top all off he has site where he post pictures and videos of girls he has been with or sent him videos and pictures. He will tell you he is retired and going to school to start a new career but the truth is he lives on disability (scammed them to get it) and he gets paid to go to school. He really doesn’t know what he wants in life. Also he has multiple kids that he does not take care of or talk to. But if you were planning sleeping with him before reading this I advice to unmatch and block him he also has some mental issues… narcissist





His criminal background this is why he doesn’t share his full name.
I believe the charges are because he gave it to a girlfriend and she took him to court but he didn’t show up.
Even if that’s not what the charges are for I know for sure he has known since the end of last year when I told him he gave it to me. His test may come back negative but he does have herpes. Look herpes up and you’ll see that the test can come back negative but you can still be a carrier. It’s called a false-negative. He is still not disclosing ladies. He is supposed to let us know protection or not.

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