I was fired without any warning or reason from St. James in Houston, TX

This was the first Strip Club I have ever worked at and I was there for a little over two months. I walked into work this past Friday on Valentine’s Day and when I was about to clock in, I was told that I needed to speak to one of the managers and when I asked what the reason was and if I was in trouble the door girls told me that the message on the computer said that it doesn’t tell them why that I just need to talk to them. They then told me to wait in the lobby. I sat in the lobby for about 10-15 minutes while they were talking on walkie talkies back and forth with the managers who were there and then they told me to go to the office. I walked into the office and two of the managers were in there and they asked me how I was and I said I was fine and I asked if I was in some sort of trouble. They asked me to sit down in an empty chair and one of them told me that it wasn’t going to work out with me being there right now and that I’m going to have to leave. I then asked why, what happened? What did I do? Then they told me that there was a customer complaint about me and when I asked what the complaint was they said that they couldn’t get into it and I told them well I think I deserve an explanation of why I’m being let go and they told me again that they couldn’t go into details and that they were tying up loose ends after a manager retired from there and told them on his way out. Then they told me to empty my locker and leave. I have never felt more disrespected and betrayed by management before in my life. One of them even escorted me out when I was leaving.


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