LA Tattoo artist- threatens and steals

Found an la tattoo artist that stole my photo along with multiple other stripper/pole dancers… (according to him) he makes between 300-1K off of “his prints/tattoos” of the women whose likeness he steals and he doesn’t think SW is work, we’re ‘at best just performers’ but we’re not artists. When I and another stripper friend of mine confronted him about giving credit to the original person he traced, he threatened to start drawing us being raped and cut up into pieces. I think he uses 4different IG handles so he can fuck with people and then claim he didn’t do anything. And he tattoos his customers in a full face and body mask so you can’t see him. He posted photos of me with my head exploded and photos of guns and threats. And after some backlash started to also claim he was a woman 🤦🏻‍♀️ As if that makes threats and refusing to credit people ok. According to him he visits strip clubs often so just be careful babes. If you wanna see more of his messages to people (that he’s now claiming were sent by someone who hacked his acct and made them up lol) you can find more in the highlight on my ig page called COPY CAT.

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