Nyc mafia wannabe Joseph rocca

His name is Joseph Rocca from Brooklyn, Ny. Lives in his parents old house. Is broke. Collects money from the government. Pretends he’s in the mafia and makes up crazy stories of how he did this and he has a house upstate and Miami when it’s just Airbnb. He won’t pay, will record you, waste your time and tries to scare you by claiming he’s a gangster to get you to fuck him. Watch out


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claims to work at Little Darlings SF

This dude hit me up back in December of 2019 claiming that he works at Little Darlings in San Francisco asking if I wanted to audition. It’s slow season so I figured they was just trying to get some new girls in there for some profits. I asked what the house fee is, and he goes on to say he can’t answer that and it needs to be discussed with management. RED FLAG! My first thought is some shady ass shit go down in there. I ignored it and that was that.

Fast forward to March 10th of this year.

He DMs me OUT OF NO WHERE, saying he wants me to be like a live in wife to him. I respond “I’m married” hoping this deters him. He says “I couldn’t imagine you any other way”


Left on read again.

Today March 17th he DMs me YET A-FUCKING-GAIN saying “Hey, would you like to hear about my plan for the goat herding based commune here in California?”

What in the fucking fuck!?!?

Can someone confirm his employment and if so he has no damn business working around women. He’s not safe.


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My name I London Bridges I am a retired stripper now burlesque dancer living in ATL. I am currently being harassed by this man JOLANNI KASI he is a predator and has assaulted many women once hired them. And if you pick up on his toxic vibes and cancel your meetings with him he will create a fake account of you calling you a prostitute and will add everyone in your following list. This man has been stalking me for a year and my fellow colleague for about 4 years now! He has made multiple ig accounts in attempt to book us, commented on about 100 of my pictures just to get my attention. He’s gone through people that follow me to get them to book me for him luckily I’m a woman with a strong intuition I’ve never went to any of the meetings. This man is completely obsessed with me and my colleague. I exposed him on my IG and that’s when 20+ women responded to me thanking me for exposing this man because of the disgusting things they personally experienced working with him. He had a Spa shut down due to harassing his female employees yet he still walks the streets free. Of course he’s watching me, so the day I exposed him he immediately made a fake PRIVATE page with my picture stating that I’m a prostitute and a scammer and that everyone must beware of me and proceeded to add all of my followers. He liked one of my pictures from the page just to show me that he in fact is watching me. I do live performances around Atlanta and I have a feeling he’ll show up to one of them I need security for every booking I do. This man is disgusting and every woman in the entertainment and hospitality industry needs to know about him!
****Any woman who has had any problems with him contact me directly DM me on IG LondonLevelUp****

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Do not fuck this guy

This dumb mother is squatting at a venue that only exists cause my pussy got the move financed. He’s a coke head that sells bad acid and is an all around jerk. He mostly hires ffsw but beware he’s a bad guy that 86ed me from his venue when I complained about harassment his reason was me being a dancer “promotes illegal activity”


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I was fired without any warning or reason from St. James in Houston, TX

This was the first Strip Club I have ever worked at and I was there for a little over two months. I walked into work this past Friday on Valentine’s Day and when I was about to clock in, I was told that I needed to speak to one of the managers and when I asked what the reason was and if I was in trouble the door girls told me that the message on the computer said that it doesn’t tell them why that I just need to talk to them. They then told me to wait in the lobby. I sat in the lobby for about 10-15 minutes while they were talking on walkie talkies back and forth with the managers who were there and then they told me to go to the office. I walked into the office and two of the managers were in there and they asked me how I was and I said I was fine and I asked if I was in some sort of trouble. They asked me to sit down in an empty chair and one of them told me that it wasn’t going to work out with me being there right now and that I’m going to have to leave. I then asked why, what happened? What did I do? Then they told me that there was a customer complaint about me and when I asked what the complaint was they said that they couldn’t get into it and I told them well I think I deserve an explanation of why I’m being let go and they told me again that they couldn’t go into details and that they were tying up loose ends after a manager retired from there and told them on his way out. Then they told me to empty my locker and leave. I have never felt more disrespected and betrayed by management before in my life. One of them even escorted me out when I was leaving.


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Club Stillettos/Clarksville, Tennessee

The owners at this club are constantly taking advantage of the girls. They’re always taking their money. I’ve discovered that these girls DO NOT get paid hourly, despite being assigned a schedule and having to pay house fee. If one of the girls have to miss work for any reason, they must pay $40 and if the owner doesn’t favor a girl, she makes them pay $50 and raises their house fee. Many people don’t realize that this is actually illegal in the state of Tennessee. If a girl gets caught drinking (even if they are of age) they are charged $100! For every 5 minutes they’re late, they are charged $10. For every 5 minutes they are late out of the dressing room they are charged $10. I’ve also been told that the owner, Lisa, doesn’t allow the white girls to communicate with the black girls. Stating that she doesn’t want the white women to “be like them.” The club is falling apart and they have yet to do anything about it. For the past year I’ve attended Stilettos Gentleman’s Club, and I haven’t seen them clean the stage once. They don’t clean tables and chairs. These girls don’t have a voice in this shithole. I hope someone can do something about this.

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