Vlive Phoenix Arizona

Vlive in Phoenix is disgusting they fine u for the most stupid stuff ever then on top of it every worker in that club is either a pimp or a sleazed bag in order to dance in Vip u have to either pay the Dj or whichever manger that running the vip that night they don’t just let you go into Vip u gotta have a wrist band and be one of they favorites in order to get in Vip meaning there girls that they are pimping or u gotta give them a cut then at the end of the night they expect u tip every worker in there after u just paid tip in and they make a list of who tip all the workers that night smh and if u don’t they treat u like crap the next day now I understand tipping staff that probably help u that night and u want to be generous but for it to be mandatory or your not making no money the next day that’s ridiculous they straight up just Extorting girls in there and I danced in many clubs this is far the worst


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Okay so I work at Aladdin’s dream Boutique in Laredo Texas and I’ve been here for about 4 years now
I know the house fees are mandatory because we pay to use the club for our business now the general manager has been giving out fines for anything and everything. She gave me a fine of 1,000$ for chewing gum…is that even possible? Can she do that? If so is there somewhere I can report her for giving out fines for non sense?


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Bringing the Strip club to you! New availability this Mon and Tues!

My name is Alyssa and I own Dark Society Adult Entertainment. We are based out of Raleigh. Since the strip clubs have been closed and business stopped, I figured I’d bring the ladies to the men and sometimes women! 😉 My thought was, this way I could help the girls who are out of work and prevent them from doing things for money they normally wouldn’t do. Which is why we do not offer any sexual intercourse of any kind. Only the things you would normally get on the floor at a strip club with a twist!

We have Maeve who is currently avail Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. This is not a prostitution or escort service of any kind nor “massage” parlor and please understand we will not push that on you and we do ask the same from you in return. However we do offer nude body rubs, lap dances, companionship and topless light house cleaning. This is a classy, upscale service and I take pride in my professionalism.

Rates for Maeve are normally 200/hr. with a 1 hour minimum, however, we are currently offering a special rate of 150/hr. She is a natural beauty, down to earth and very welcoming to talk too. If you like what you see, we can confirm your booking today!

Maeve is available from 1p until 2am as of right now on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th.

I hope this interests you as she is new to our team and we are trying to build her book of business. Thanks for listening!


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Nyc mafia wannabe Joseph rocca

His name is Joseph Rocca from Brooklyn, Ny. Lives in his parents old house. Is broke. Collects money from the government. Pretends he’s in the mafia and makes up crazy stories of how he did this and he has a house upstate and Miami when it’s just Airbnb. He won’t pay, will record you, waste your time and tries to scare you by claiming he’s a gangster to get you to fuck him. Watch out


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claims to work at Little Darlings SF

This dude hit me up back in December of 2019 claiming that he works at Little Darlings in San Francisco asking if I wanted to audition. It’s slow season so I figured they was just trying to get some new girls in there for some profits. I asked what the house fee is, and he goes on to say he can’t answer that and it needs to be discussed with management. RED FLAG! My first thought is some shady ass shit go down in there. I ignored it and that was that.

Fast forward to March 10th of this year.

He DMs me OUT OF NO WHERE, saying he wants me to be like a live in wife to him. I respond “I’m married” hoping this deters him. He says “I couldn’t imagine you any other way”


Left on read again.

Today March 17th he DMs me YET A-FUCKING-GAIN saying “Hey, would you like to hear about my plan for the goat herding based commune here in California?”

What in the fucking fuck!?!?

Can someone confirm his employment and if so he has no damn business working around women. He’s not safe.


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