Vlive Phoenix Arizona

Vlive in Phoenix is disgusting they fine u for the most stupid stuff ever then on top of it every worker in that club is either a pimp or a sleazed bag in order to dance in Vip u have to either pay the Dj or whichever manger that running the vip that night they don’t just let you go into Vip u gotta have a wrist band and be one of they favorites in order to get in Vip meaning there girls that they are pimping or u gotta give them a cut then at the end of the night they expect u tip every worker in there after u just paid tip in and they make a list of who tip all the workers that night smh and if u don’t they treat u like crap the next day now I understand tipping staff that probably help u that night and u want to be generous but for it to be mandatory or your not making no money the next day that’s ridiculous they straight up just Extorting girls in there and I danced in many clubs this is far the worst


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