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This girl goes by Simone Thomas and has a guy that is based out of FL but lives in NC (so I’m putting FL for this one). She says that the guy has opened a group up on Facebook for sex workers and if you want in, you have to basically meet up with this guy for sex in exchange for money and entry. Once you meet up for the first time, you’ll enhange dates of another meet up but when the day comes for the meetup to happen, the guy flakes out. The group supposedly has guys paying $50 a week, and you can ask for up to $120K of entry money. He has girls recruit others girls and customers for money. The guy won’t show his face or give you his name. The guy wants photos of you as well. The guy also apparently has a condo in Orlando and has a private jet..
This guy also doesn’t want to be seen out because he has a lot of customers and girls in Florida..so, he’s very “sneaky” on where he goes and who he wants to see him.

Just warning y’all that I fell into this trap and I don’t want anyone else to fall for it either!
I’ll post the girl whom is the recruiter, as well as the two fake pages that the guy is “recruiting on.”

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